It is with deep regret that we announce that we will stop providing our AlertAgility web service.

We started AlertAgility in 2015 as a small team of passionate and experienced engineers. Over the years we have tried to lay out our mission: through technology and design we aimed to help engineers solve simialr problems which were solved in our daily lives.

Along our journey we had lot of fun building AlertAgility, we laughed and cried, and learned valuable lessons. And it is now inevitable to wind down the service to prioritize our work to serve you with better products and services.

It has been a long journey and we sincerely thank each one of you who signed up and tested our product and support for AlertAgility.

The AlertAgility service and Terms of Use governing your use of AlertAgility will terminate on [31.03.2020].

The specific shutdown schedule is as below:

-16.03.2020: Notice on AlertAgility service discontinuation.
-31.03.2020: Termination of the Service (Unable to access to AlertAgility, including login and any other services.
-31.03.2020: AlertAgility related customer service will be closed, all customer data will be permanently deleted.

For more details regarding how you can retrieve a copy of your data (i.e. your alerts history if any) please contact us by opening a support ticket in your account.

Please note that you will not be able to access the backup service after [31.03.2020]. We may not retain copies of any of your data on and from that date. Accordingly, you are encouraged to download and keep copies of your data if you wish to have access from [31.03.2020].

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Best Regards,
AlertAgility Team